These past couple of weeks have been really exciting! Here’s what went down 👇

  1. Testbook PyPI release

    We have just released testbook to the world! You can now install it by doing:

    pip install nteract-testbook
  2. Delivered a lightning talk at SciPy 2020

    I was a participant at this year’s SciPy, and I decided to deliver a lightning talk where I talked about testbook. The slides for my talk can be found here.


  3. Community Outreach

    I have been actively involved in reaching out to potential testbook users. Few members of the community have also reached out to me after my lightning talk at SciPy! We will be having meetings with them to discuss how testbook can help their use case.

  4. Proposal for JupyterCon and PyCon India

    We have been formulating a proposal for JupyterCon and PyCon India.

Thanks for reading!

testbook links: